We admit it… we love the décor deals and fun finds at our neighborhood Dollar Store.  Below are our go-to favorites for big impact on not so big budgets. 

1.  Vases 

Try them! 

  • Filled with LED lights, pomegranates, lemons, limes, mini pumpkins, or pinecones for seasonal centrepieces.
  • Grouped together to hold a variety of candies, cookies, and confections.  
  • Vary the heights of vases (3 is a good number) for simple but effective one color floral centrepieces.
  • Filled with water and topped with floating candles or submerged floral.
Large $4 | Medium $3 | Small $2

Large $4 | Medium $3 | Small $2

2.  Scoops

So simple yet so versatile and add just the right tough of whimsy.  

  • Fill  stainless steel pails with assorted salty snacks at your next party or family picnic; add a scoop and paper containers (small paper bags, large baking cups) for the finishing touch.
Metal Scoop $2 

Metal Scoop $2 

3.  Butcher paper

We are never without a roll of butcher paper in our event kit.  

  • It is easy, creative, inexpensive and super fun to  work with.  
  • Rolled out on your island, tray or serving table it is a perfect backdrop for charcuterie, desserts and themed displays.           
  • Use a sharpie to label items right on the paper.
Butcher Paper $2 

Butcher Paper $2