Love + Marriage

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Spring means crocuses, pussy willows, robins and the start of the busy wedding season for Event Planners.

I am reminded of my parent's wedding, a simple tea in November 1953, for two 17-year-olds with a sense of urgency due to the pending birth of my sister in a few short months.  64 years later they are the most loving couple I know and an inspiration to their kids, grandkids and extended family. 

What is the key to a happy marriage?  

According to my parents:

1.  Say I love you at least once every day.

2.  Hold hands like you are young lovers.

3.  Dance like you are the only ones in the room.


No matter how big or small, your wedding day should be fun not filled with so many last minute details you don’t get to enjoy it.   Choosing to hire an Event Planner will ensure you can relax and have a stress-free, happy celebration with your family and friends. 

At the end of the day you will be married and the reward, for couples like my parents, is 64+ years of wedded bliss.

The Love Birds...